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✓ Legal Advice in the Immigration area
✓ Golden Visas - support for investment in Portugal
✓ Legal Advice in the Civil Family Area
25 years of international experience in law
We are a solid team of professionals with specialized technical knowledge and vast experience in migration consultancy in the area of migration.
We know that planning to change your life and country is not easy, so we are here to help you.
More than 5,000 satisfied customers with our company
More than 1350 successfully completed processes
Experienced team of lawyers and migration professionals
We offer the following integrated immigration services
"Independent professional activity" is understood to be that performed by self-employed professionals, also known as "freelancers", who offer their services to clients, who may be individuals or companies, upon payment of a price stipulated by them.
In other words, it is the exercise of any remunerated economic activity without employment relationship, that is, that is not carried out on behalf of others or under their direction.

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Our services
  • Consultation with lawyer
    In a personal consultation, a lawyer will be able to analyze all your documents and advise on the best course of action.
  • Certification and Translation
    Our translation department is proficient in over 12 languages.
  • IRS and other accounting services
    Our professionals will help you fill out a tax return of any complexity.
  • Family reunion
    Our professionals will analyze your documents and monitor the entire process of your family reunification, from the first step to completion.
  • Wedding
    Our lawyer will prepare all the necessary documents, arrange your wedding date at the Registry. There is also the possibility of marriage by proxy.
  • Divorce
    We will analyze your case and define the best strategy to defend your interest.
  • Opening a Company
    We monitor the process of opening a company with the IRN. It is also possible to do this by proxy.
  • Citizenship
    We make your citizenship application and monitor the entire process until the award.
  • Opening the bank account
    Monitor the opening of a debit account or investor account, with or without your physical presence.
Dr. Adriano Caeiro
Lawyer, co-founder
I'm a Lawyer with over 25 years of experience, I'm Portuguese, I graduated from the University Gama Filho in the state of Rio de Janeiro, which was one of the most respected law schools in Brazil and had an agreement with the Portuguese Government. I have active inscriptions in the Bar Association of Brazil and Portugal, I also have several courses related to the area of Law and Psychology, I started my career working in Military Criminal Law and, after 5 years, I decided to open my own office which was located in Copacabana, Brazil. Rio de janeiro Brazil. After opening the office, I chose to migrate to Family Law, specializing in Homoaffective Law. I elaborated the first homoaffective prenuptial pact registered in Rio de Janeiro, having, after that, referred me to the Migration Law and "Golden visas" in Brazil and Portugal, where I have been a lawyer for over 15 years. I was also responsible for several administrative inquiries at the State Department of Education in Brazil, where I chaired them. In 2018 was registered a brand Marquesa Consultoria in Portugal.
My professional phrase is " always do the best, within the legal principles".

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    • Liliia Isyk
      Project Coordinator
      I have extensive experience in process administration, systematization and organization of office work. As a Project Coordinator, I am very attentive to each partner, with the only objective - to satisfy all professional needs.

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    • Christiane Lemos de Araujo
      I am a Bachelor of Law, with a specialization in Police Intelligence. With extensive experience in executive secretariat, strategic planning and organizational management, public procurement and contract management, as well as corporate security.

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      • Pamela Barros Esteves
        Assistant Manager
        Graduated in Human Resources Management. She has vast experience in the administrative area, Human Resources Management and its Subsystems. In my professional career I could work in national and multinational companies.

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        • Mariana Lemos de Araujo
          Assistant Manager
          I have a lot of experience in the administrative area and always looking for new and better ways to do my routine tasks. I work always caring for organization and meeting deadlines. My attitudes are guided by prudence and security.

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